Blue Flame

on December 31, 1993 by Sean O'Neill
Debut writer/director Cassian Elwes -- best known as the head of the independent film department at William Morris Agency -- says the idea for this project came to him while under the influence of an opiate following an operation, and the result has the feeling of a recounted drug trip: It might have been fun at the time, but the story just doesn't translate.
Though handsome for a low-budget film (thanks to cinematographer Daniele Massaccesi), "Blue Flame's" plot -- a hard-boiled detective ("Late for Dinner's" Brian Wimmer) battles Saturn 17 aliens Fire (Jad Magher) and Rain (Kerri Green), who have kidnapped his daughter -- is frequently silly. Elwes has a tin ear for dialogue, and the performances are straight out of the USA Network's "Up All Night" school of acting. The few patrons who enter the theatre for this failure might well leave singing, "I've seen Fire and I've seen Rain/I've seen indie films that I thought would never end...." Starring Brian Wimmer, Kerri Green and Jad Magher. Directed and written by Cassian Elwes. Produced by Stephan Bataillard. A Silver Shadow release. SF. Unrated. Running time: 88 min.
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