Boys Life 3

on December 08, 2000 by Bridget Byrne
These short films, grouped together based on their major or minor themes of homosexuality, look like term papers, and the longing to be expanded into a thesis is rooted in most of them. Indeed, the seven-minute quick trick "Just One Time" by Lane Janger has already been developed into a feature film and was recently given a limited released by Cowboy International. That success is undoubtedly due to its attractive cast and high-concept pitch line, because that's all it has going for it.

More worthy of follow-up attention would be Jason Gould's "Inside Out," a 27-minute riff on the pluses and minuses of being a child of celebrity. The actor/writer/director, manifesting the combined looks and quirky charm of his father Elliott Gould (who is onscreen playing "dad") and his mother, Barbra Streisand (not onscreen playing "mom"), manages to be funny, thoughtful, touching, silly, sensitive, intelligent--in other words, interesting--playing on themes he fully understands.

The 19-minute "$30," directed by Gregory Cooke, has the plus of Sara Gilbert as the hooker who understands that whatever sexual world a young boy needs to enjoy, it's not one she occupies. Gilbert and Erik MacArthur, as the boy pushed by his father into losing his virginity, give sweetly complex performances in what is essentially an extended acting class scene.

All you need to know about "hITCH", directed by Bradley Rust Gray, can be surmised by the way its title is written. Freeform to the point of obscurity--what is that exactly they're doing in the dark?--the camera meanders along for 18 minutes on a road trip taken by two young men searching for what they really want. It's so boring that the only spark of interest is when a cigarette appears to be used with a lack of continuity.

"Majorettes in Space" is a six-minute condom commercial (with illustration of use) which mainly focuses on attacking the Pope. David Fourier's images and the voice-over dialogue (French, with English subtitles) play out in a contrived form of free association, saying nothing that anyone watching won't know already. Starring Sara Gilbert, Jason Gould and Lane Janger. Directed by David Fourier, Bradley Rust Gray, Jason Gould, Lane Janger and Gregory Cooke. Written by David Fourier, Jason Gould, Lane Janger and Christopher Landon. A Strand release. Comedy/Drama. Unrated. Running time: 78 min.

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