Butch Camp

on November 15, 1997 by Karen Achenbach
Michael J. Fox lookalike Paul Denniston plays Matthew Grabowski, a sensitive gay man beset by a multitude of problems, including having a delightfully better vocabulary than anyone else in the film. He enrolls in a Butch Camp, humorously commanded by Judy Tenuta, in order to develop the skills to deal with "hetero oppressors" and all other difficulties.
"Butch Camp" is wildly uneven in tone, vacillating between porn-style jokes and flamboyant shtick. At its core is a romance between Matthew and Rod (a handsome and steady Jason Teresi), a kind heterosexual male who is latently gay. Very specific in its comedy and concerns, "Butch Camp" reveals the cruelties and dangers inflicted on gay men by some DNA-impaired straights, and its has lots of jokes; a theatre full of its target audience found the movie very funny. But others will find it hard to overlook poor production values, ragged interweaving of plot elements, and characters as underdeveloped as those in "Strictly Ballroom." Starring Judy Tenuta and Paul Denniston. Directed and written by Alessandro de Gaetano. Produced by Timothy E. Sabo and Steven Gellman. A Billingsgate release. Comedy. Unrated. Running time: 101 min.
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