Deep Crimson

on September 09, 1996 by Kevin Courrier
This lively and daring satirical horror/romance, set in Mexico, concerns a suave womanizing philanderer, Nicholas (Daniel Gimenez Cacho), who seduces Coral (Regina Orozco), a lonely, overweight mother. Coral's insatiable desire to be with him leads her to abandon her home, livelihood and children. It also leads her to become his confederate, obtaining women for him, which ultimately takes them on a bloody rampage.
   In this story reminiscent of the famous killing spree of Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez, who were executed in 1951, director Arturo Ripstein (a former assistant to director Luis Bunuel) shows some of Bunuel's talent for mixing a sacrilegious sense of humor with prankish horror. "Deep Crimson" begins as a clever comedy about a Don Juan who's met a woman whose desires are more voracious than his. But the humor deepens darkly when their game of seducing women and robbing them becomes part of what binds their love, making "Deep Crimson" a smartly funny film about the debasement of romance. Starring Regina Orozco, Daniel Gimenez Cacho and Marisa Paredes. Directed by Arturo Ripstein. Written by Paz Alicia Garciadiego. Produced by Miguel Necoechea and Pablo Barbachano. A New Yorker release. Horror. Spanish-language; English subtitles. Unrated. Running time: 114 min. Screened at the 1996 Toronto fest.
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