Desolation Angels

on September 13, 1995 by Ed Scheid
McCann was awarded the Merchant and Ivory Foundation Gift. Nick (Michael Rodrick) returns to New York, he gradually learns that his girlfriend Mary (Jennifer Thomas) was raped by his friend Sid (Peter Bassett). Their conflict is aggravated by class differences: Nick drives a truck, while Sid is a would-be actor supported by a wealthy mother. Ignoring Mary's feelings, Nick focuses on his own betrayal and, losing control, hires two thugs to beat up Sid, leading to unexpected consequences.
   "De solation Angels" is an impressive debut for McCann. His vigorous direction focuses on Nick's pain and anger as they explode to the surface. Rodrick effectively captures the truck driver's rage as it takes over his life. Bassett's Sid makes for a smug contrast, and Thomas' turn as Mary focuses on her avoidance of dealing with the assault and her increasing fright at Nick's growing fierceness. Dark humor effectively counterpoints the film's tension. The production was very low budget ($25,000), but the movie's unpolished look appropriately reflects Nick's raw emotions. "Desolation Angels" received the Merchant and Ivory Foundation gift, which provides the filmmaker 50,000 feet of Kodak film stock" in recognition and support of the artistry and creativity of the independent filmmaker." Starring Michael Rodrick and Jennifer Thomas. Directed, written and produced by Tim McCann. An IN Pictures release. Drama. Unrated. Running time: 95 min.
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