Dino Island II 3D: Escape From Dino Island

on December 31, 1998 by Lisa Osborne
   "Escape from Dino Island" is the action-packed, in-your-face 3-D sequel to "Dino Island," Iwerks' most successful ride simulation film to date. Iwerks subtly blends 3-D animation with digital surround sound to captivate its audience and then uses its new TurboRide 3D! technology to inject movement and dramatic urgency into the mix.
   Moviegoers strap themselves into high-backed racing car seats, don stylish 3-D glasses and wait to be plunged into the turbulent world of Tony the Tyrannosaurus rex. The pre-show, scripted as an emergency news report, warns of imminent danger--the volcano on Dino Island is erupting and threatening to destroy the last dinosaurs on earth. Moviegoers join members of the international Earth Science Team as they return to Dino Island on board an all-terrain/submersible vehicle to supervise the evacuation of the prehistoric animals they discovered there four years before. Within seconds, viewers feel themselves falling through the air into the ocean as the helicopter which is air-lifting them to the island is hit. Next, they're driving along the ocean floor, dodging lava vents. Then, after successfully escaping from a maternal stegosaurus, a primordial swamp and hordes of giant dragonflies, they are ready to tackle Tony himself.
   The 3-D effects are used sparingly to maximize their impact; the strategy works. The image of Tony's face, teeth bared, seeming to push through the screen provoked shrieks from the audience. "Escape From Dino Island" is one of those rare animals--the sequel that's as good, if not better, than the original. One word of caution: this is a life-like action movie which engages all the senses, so sufferers of motion sickness should be prepared.    Directed by Mix Ryan (pre-show) and Jerzy Kular (main show). Written by Ryan and Sam Auster. Produced by Ryan and Doug Yellen. An Iwerks Entertainment release. Drama. Running time: 8 min. 42 sec.
Tags: Directed by Mix Ryan, Jerzy Kular, Written by Ryan, Sam Auster, Produced by Ryan, Doug Yellen, Iwerks Entertainment, Drama

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