Double Indemnity (1944)

on April 24, 1944 by BOXOFFICE Staff
When the slayer confesses his crime in the opening sequence and the film still retains all of the suspense and excitement that could possibly be crowded into the most baffling of murder mysteries, that's picture making at its dramatic best. Such masterful use of the flashback, plus soliloquy, technique is made possible by an expertly-written screenplay, a trio of superior performances by the picture's three stars, hair-trigger direction and careful attention to all productional details. The feature will have audiences on the edges of their seats throughout its entire length, with never a letdown in the tension. Its cast and favorable "you-must-see-it" reactions should build capacity grosses for any theatre in which it is booked. MacMurray, fast-thinking insurance salesman, believes he has perpetrated the perfect crime, but a flaw trips him. Billy Wilder directed.

Print heralds in the form of Shock Policies, written by the Rivoli Theatre Insurance Company. Offer "Double Indemnity in Thrills, Chills and Excitement to Bearer When He Sees Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck and Edward G. Robinson in the Screen's Most Startling Story -- Paramount's DOUBLE INDEMNITY." Get newspapers to run interviews with insurance investigators about various crimes they have uncovered. Contact insurance company employees to attend in a body.

Murder for a Price... A Strange and Startling Story of a Man So in Love He Was Willing to Kill for a Woman Who Had Long Ago Sold What Soul She Had to the Devil. He Paid a Strange Price for Love... The Amazing Story of a Man Who Lost His Heart to a Woman Who Had None... And Was Lured by Her Into the Quicksand of a Murder. A New Design for Crime. Paramount 105 mins.

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