Dreaming Of Rita

on May 12, 1995 by Estep Nagy
   Ingmar Bergman might have created believability problems for the Swedish comedy genre, but even his long shadow can't account for the problems of "Dreaming of Rita," as director Jon Lindstrom appears to have been separated from any sense of reality with this goodhearted but absurd stab at a road movie.
   Its premise: An elderly former cameraman named Bob decides after his wife's death to go in search of his first love, Sabine, a Rita Hayworth lookalike. Bob's daughter, also named Rita, is unhappily married to a yuppie scoundrel, so she takes off across the Swedish countryside after her father--and her husband joins the pursuit. On some level, it might all be heartwarming, but it's hard to get past the patent preposterousness.    Starring Per Oscarsson and Marika Lagerantz. Directed by Jon Lindstrom. Written by Rita Holst and Jon Lindstrom. Produced by Borje Hansson. A First Run release. Comedy. Unrated. Running time: 108 min.
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