Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers (1956)

on July 31, 1956 by BOXOFFICE Staff
With science-fiction vying with the time-honored western for a pat of the affection of action fans of all ages, this highly imaginative feature should encounter no difficulty in satisfying the patrons of most theatres and should prove potent in attracting many customers to the dual-program, subsequent situations. In concocting the offering, Charles H. Schneer and Sam Katzman, producer and executive producer respectively, availed themselves of many gimmicks utilized in preceding space operas and interpolated a few fantastic creations of their own. This lineup was embellished with a liberal sprinkling of the pseudo-scientific dialogue characteristic of such offerings, some impressive special effects, spots of actionful stock footage and the usual minor note of romance, all of which combine to equip the vehicle with sufficient production values so that it can unblushingly grace any screen. As devotees of world-of-tomorrow films realize, performances are of comparatively little importance, and herein they are generally adequate to the material at hand, although there is no marquee fodder in the cast (Hugh Marlowe, Joan Taylor, David Curtis, Morris Ankrum). The same obtains as concerns direction by Fred F. Sears, who milked the formula screenplay for suspense and excitement rather than believability.

The title alone should be sufficient for marquee and advertising purposes. Promote a "flying saucer" contest among the small fry, with prizes for the most imaginative models of space-ships. Dress one of your attendants as a "man from outer space" for street ballyhoo.
Catchlines: The Flying Saucers Attack and the Earth Rocks With the Devastating Catastrophe...Creatures From Outer Space Unleash Their Terrifying Weapons in the Thrill Hit of the Century. FLASHBACK: JUNE 2, 1956
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Columbia, 82 min.

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