on June 20, 1997 by Jon Alon Walz
   Despite the fact that the ever-irritating Eric Schaeffer ("When Lucy Fell") has bared everything in this sexually obsesssive reworking of the beauty and the beast myth, he has managed to make a rather compelling picture about two totally messed-up people who meet by chance in New York City. Schaeffer stars as Michael, an intelligent, charismatic cab driver who instantly falls in love with a fare, Sarah (Amanda de Cadenet), a high-dollar supermodel whose husband is in Rome on business.
   Although turned down at this initial meeting, Michael chances upon her on the street several days later and soon after, again by chance, picks her up as a fare. Luring her back to his apartment, they embark upon a wild and erotic sex marathon that is ended out of guilt by Sarah. Both starved for love and attention, the two decide to stay friends. At this point, "Fall" (being distributed by Schaeffer's own distribution company, Five Minutes Before the Miracle) glides into a cold, harsh realism, becoming a gratifying character study of two people trying to create and maintain an authentic human relationship.
   Schaeffer hasn't resisted the temptation to give himself closeups or give his character the best lines. In fact, all the good lines from the other characters concern or praise his character. Despite his ego, Schaeffer has a gifted ear for dialogue and directs with style and flair. De Cadenet, a real-life model, is respectable in her limited role, though it's hard for the audience to dredge up sympathy for a character with such a lucrative career. Starring Eric Schaeffer and Amanda de Cadenet. Directed and written by Eric Schaeffer. Produced by Terence Michael and Eric Schaeffer. A Five Minutes Before the Miracle release. Drama. Running time: 89 min.
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