Farmer & Chase

on January 10, 1997 by Alex Albanese
"Farmer & Chase" is yet another dreary entry in that Gen-X-first-feature-lottery that has been keeping audiences away in droves. Like others of its odious ilk ("Feeling Minnesota" et al.), "Farmer & Chase" wraps up all the prerequisites (mopey, goateed hero; hip '70s car; addled-brained love interest; "White Trash"TM culture; pointless crime; pointless dialogue, character and plot, etc.) into a shiny, festival-ready package that is filled by volume, not weight.
   This particular iteration combines the Coming-of-Age and Criminal-Urge plotlines with a side of I'm Not Good Enough for My Old Man as follows: Farmer (Ben Gazzara) is a small-time stickup man, Chase ("Ruby in Paradise's" Todd Field) is the son who can't even steal gum properly; and Hillary (Lara Flynn Boyle) is the gum-chewing vixen who comes between them. Even though they are, in fact, apart.
   Everyone dies. Starring Ben Gazzara, Todd Field and Lara Flynn Boyle. Directed and written by Michael Seitzman. Produced by Scott Kalmbach, Julie Costanzo and Michael Seitzman. An Arrow release. Drama. Unrated. Running time: 100 min.
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