Flipper (1963)

on August 14, 1963 by BOXOFFICE Staff
The hue and cry for more general-audience pictures with wide family appeal for young and old is answered in "Flipper," which, given the right kind of sell, should be money in the bank-and lots of it. Seldom does a picture come along that packs such a wallop in every phase-family life, an exciting Florida hurricane sequence, undersea shots, pathos, comedy and an almost incredible nonhuman star, a dolphin, which is almost human in its portrayal of a small boy's pet. Chuck Connors is the only known name in the cast, but the fine performances of Luke Halpin as his son, Kathleen Maguire as the mother and Connie Scott as the little girlfriend are likely to create a strong want-to-see-more-of among the patrons when the picture is released. Excellent Metrocolor and colorful scenic backgrounds add much to the fascination of the picture.


 60;  If possible, screen this for women and civic groups. Get endorsements from educational personnel. Focus attention on Chuck Connors, well known for his TV series, "The Rifleman." Stress its appeal for all ages. Make tie-ups with aquariums.

It's Absolutely Fin-tastic...You've Got to See It to Believe It...The Amazing Story of a Little Boy and His Fabulous Underwater Friend...One of the Most Delightful Films of a Decade. FLASHBACK: MAY 6, 1963
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