Frank And Ollie

on October 20, 1995 by Kevin Courrier
This Disney documentary on the lives of two of founder Walt's most talented animators -- Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston -- is both graceful and well-crafted, but its level of objectivity makes it seem like an extended episode of A&E's "Biography" cable series. Put another way, "Frank and Ollie" has the surface charm of a greeting card. In tracing the evolving talent of two of the men behind "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," "Bambi," "Lady and the Tramp" and "The Jungle Book," director Theodore Thomas (Frank's son) has made a loving tribute that lacks vision. Thankfully, the subjects are appealing, and the inclusion of historian John Canemaker provides invaluable perspective. But a bold documentary about the artistic temperament like "Crumb" spoils you for pictures like this. Starring Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. Directed and written by Theodore Thomas. Produced by Kuniko Okubo and Theodore Thomas. A Buena Vista release. Documentary. Rated PG for a moment of language and a brief view of a nude drawing. Running time: 89 min
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