Full Speed (toute Vitesse)

on January 16, 1998 by Dale Winogura
A blatant, largely failed attempt to imitate Andre Techine's gently lyrical "Wild Reeds", "Full Speed" has little of the artistry and nuance that Techine brought to his film. Although there is some subtle sensitivity and tastefulness in dealing with gay characters and their sexuality, writer/director Gael Morel (who acted in Techine's film) does not know how to take his elliptical, episodic narrative in any meaningful or cohesive direction. The relationship between a straight girl (Elodie Bouchez, another "Wild Reeds" alumnus) and three gay friends tries to achieve a romantic quality with violent undertones that eventually surface, but Morel wanders all over the place without a thematic center or strong stylistic presence. Starring Elodie Bouchez and Stephane Rideau. Directed and Written by Gael Morel. Produced by Laurent Benegui. A Strand release. Drama. Unrated. Running time: 86 minutes.
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