Giant (1956)

on November 24, 1956 by BOXOFFICE Staff
   Trite as such observation may be, there is no better way to report the physical and financial qualities of "Giant" than to state that it overwhelmingly fulfills the promise of its title. Here is a film that's gigantic--in concept, execution and, above all, in its probability of being one of the top grossers of all times. From the novel by Edna Ferber, estimated to have had 63 million readers, the screenplay adheres to the original, indulging in some sequence shuffling to accord accent to the feature's size, scope, spectacle and drama. Because it treats with the vastness and wealth of Texas and her opulent citizens, some raucousness creeps into the screen yarn, and this may present a target for the barbs of carpers. If there be such weaknesses, they are of slight consequence in comparison with the offering's virtually ceilingless commercial possibilities. The star-encrusted cast would, in itself, assure brimming cash drawers for any photoplay. Although all performances--even unto the bit players--are superior, it is the phenomenal posthumous popularity of James Dean that will prove the most potent factor in attracting patronage.

Considering that this is the last film of the late James Dean, who has millions of devotees, stress his name by suggesting a newspaper publish his life story; accord him marquee and lobby emphasis; and stage a Dean fan club night. Edna Ferber's novel lends itself to book store and library tieups.

No One Can Forget The Beloved James Dean--And His Extraordinary Performance In This Film Makes Him Even More Memorable...Edna Ferber's Great Novel Brought To Life On The Screen. FLASHBACK: OCTOBER 27, 1956
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