Halfaouine: Child of the Terraces

on September 14, 1990 by Sean O'Neill
   "Reach deep enough into the personal and you'll reach the universal," said a wise man long ago, and this 1990 French/Tunisian coming-of-age film proves that axiom. Though many details will seem strange to American eyes men and women are separated at weddings, and neighborhood parades celebrate a child's circumcision the premise couldn't be more familiar: A boy (a winning Selim Boughedir) entering adolescence is obsessed with having intercourse, or at least sneaking peeks at the female anatomy. His picaresque adventures are the movie's greatest charm, but the supporting cast is strong as well particularly Mohammed Driss as a shoemaker who offers the boy an adage (as true in America as in Africa), "Men propose, but women dispose."    Starring Selim Boughedir and Rabia Ben Abdallah. Directed and written by Ferid Boughedir. Produced by Ahmed Baha Attia, Elaine Stutterheim and Hassan Daldoul. An Intl. Film Circuit release. Drama. Arabic-language; subtitled. Unrated. Running time: 98 min.
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