Hustler White

on September 13, 1996 by Alex Albanese
   Canadian gay underground filmmaker Bruce LaBruce's third feature, "Hustler White," bills itself as a "romantic comedy about street hustlers." Although the film does present a screen alternative to the recent spate of excruciatingly PC Hollywood gay-themed films, and although definitions of romance and comedy can vary, "Hustler White" is still a really dull, rotten movie.
   Without a single woman anywhere in any frame, even in the background, the film is basically a parade of very graphic all-male porn scenarios strung together by the flimsiest of plots, with cheesy cinematography and lousy acting. It stars Tony Ward, a male model best known for his stint as Madonna's boyfriend, and even here his acting ability is noticeably subpar--he can't even play dead convincingly.
   Except for the occasional lame reference to "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane," "Sunset Boulevard" or other titles in the gay camp-cinema pantheon, the difference between "Hustler White" and run-of-the-mill porn is minuscule. Don't bother.    Starring Tony Ward, Bruce LaBruce and Kevin P. Scott. Directed and written by Bruce LaBruce and Rick Castro. Produced by Jurgen Bruning and Bruce LaBruce. A Strand release. Comedy. Unrated. Running time: 90 min.
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