I Was A Jewish Sex Worker

on April 25, 1997 by Shlomo Schwartzberg
   Originally and more accurately titled ³Family / Value,² Phillip B. Roth's autobiographical account of his attempt to reconcile his family and his homosexuality is a choppy, unfocused but frequently amusing semi-documentary that should attract gay audiences and open-minded straights. Beginning with Roth engaging in sex with a stranger while his answering machine plays innocuous messages in the background, ³I Was a Jewish Sex Worker² revels in its contradictions.
   Moviegoers certainly are unlikely to hear Yiddish tunes played over scenes of men participating in a (safe) sex orgy anywhere else. Such sequences are mildly offensive but, essentially, this is a rather conventional film that showcases Roth's past work (which has starred the likes of ex-porn star Annie Sprinkle) interspersed with his ruminations about being gay and some videotaped footage of his colorful Jewish family, notably his two aunts, who influenced him deeply. It's fun but slight. Directed and produced by Phillip B. Roth. A Greycat release. Documentary. Unrated. Running time: 75 min.
Tags: choppy, autobiographical, stranger, Phillip B. Roth, documentary, sexuality

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