Invaders From Mars

on April 22, 1953 by BOXOFFICE Staff
   It isn't until the near-end footage that this resorts to the special effects, trick photography and other gimmicks upon which most science-fiction thrillers depend for chills. Nonetheless, it is spine-tingling from scratch, with excitement and suspense being built and maintained through a cleverly contrived screenplay, sincere performances and adroit direction by William Cameron Menzies. When the interplanetary gadgets are finally called into play, the action goes all-out and winds up in a hair-elevating climax. So the offering is dependable to hand the moppets a full dosage of nightmares and, for that matter, to deliver a few scares to adult ticket buyers. That, after all, is what a space opera needs to fill theatres, which this Edward L. Anderson production gives every promise of doing. Because the cast (Helena Carter, Arthur Franz, Jimmy Hunt, Leif Erickson), albeit competent, is not too heavy in names, exploitation had better concentrate on the chiller aspects and on color.

Catchlines: From Three Hundred Million Miles Away-They Come!...Unusual...Unbelievable...Unimaginable...But It Could Happen-Tomorrow...Don't Miss the Movie That's Packed With Thrills. FLASHBACK: APRIL 18, 1953
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