It Happened One Night

on February 23, 1934 by BOXOFFICE Staff
Starts off mildly as if it were to be just a programmer, then gains momentum and finally develops into one of the smartest romantic comedies of the season. The Capra technique is evident in this story of a rich man's daughter who rebels at her father's objection to her marriage to an aviator. She escapes from Miami by bus and is assisted in her flight by a fired newspaper reporter. Hilarious complications arise all along the way to New York. Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable make a grand team, with Gable exhibiting excellent talent as a laugh provoker. A preview audience ate it up. Directed by Frank Capra.

Appeal mainly to adult audiences. Picture offers tie-ups with Greyhound bus lines. Play it up as a hilarious comedy and bring out the fact that it is Colbert's and Gable's first co-starring attraction. Tell them it was directed by the same man who gave the screen "Lady for a Day," another bell ringer.

It happened one night -- and what a night!... If you want comedy, romance and rib-tickling situations you'll find them all in "It Happened One Night." Columbia 105 mins.

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