Jupiter's Wife

on August 18, 1995 by Shlomo Schwartzberg
   Screened at Montreal. One of the sleepers at the Montreal fest, this documentary had its genesis in documentarian Michael Negroponte's curiosity about Maggie, a middle-aged homeless person he spotted in Central Park walking her four dogs. She told him tales about being the daughter of the late actor Robert Ryan and having friends among New York's upper class. Remarkably, all of her stories weren't complete fabrications, as Maggie turned out to be both more and less than she claimed.
   Following her around during her daily routine, investigating her background, talking to the people who knew her, Negroponte slowly creates a unique, charming portrait of a rather special person -- one who in her own way broke ground for women. Maggie's life is ultimately tragic and sad, but the accomplishment of "Jupiter's Wife" (shot in video and enlarged to 35mm) is that it goes beyond the usual stereotypes of the homeless.    Directed and produced by Michael Negroponte. Written by Michael Negro-ponte and Gabriel Morgan. An Artistic License release. Documentary. Urated. Running time: 78 min.
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