Krakatoa, East Of Java (1969)

on June 09, 1969 by BOXOFFICE Staff
   Based on the factual explosion of the volcanic island of Krakatoa in the 1800s -after which the shock wave circled the globe seven times, the blast was heard 3,000 miles away, and a resulting tidal wave and fires killed thousands-this spectacular roadshow production features some of the most beautiful and awesome sights and sounds ever to grace the huge Cinerama screen. At the same time, the pictures carries a tale of high adventure aboard a fictitious ship, the Batavia Queen. The American Broadcasting Cos./Cinerama Inc. presentation was produced by William R. Forman and Lester A. Sansom and marks the feature film debut of Bernard L. Kowalski as director. The scenes of nature's violence and pyrotechnics-volcanic eruptions, tidal wave, typhoon, fireballs-are so well refined that the use of miniaturization is not readily discernible, thanks to the work of an able technical crew. Throughout the cataclysmic phenomena, the fictional personal stories have been woven into the production with skill and believability by Kowalski and writers Clifford Gould and Bernard Gordon, with the action carried off creditably by the entire cast (which includes Maximilian Schell and Diane Baker.)

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The New Cinerama Hurls You Into The Incredible Day That Shook The Earth To Its Core...You Outrun A Raging River Of Molten Lava...You Are Engulfed By The Terrifying Tidal Wave.

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