Live Nude Girls

on December 08, 1995 by Pat Kramer
   Not a sexy cabaret show, Julianna Lavin's directorial debut is a realistic look at life, love and sex in the '90s for five friends who gather for a bachelorette party. In the course of their catching up with each other, the characters unfold for the audience: Jamie (Kim Cattrall), a B-movie actress about to wed for the third time; Jill (Dana Del-any), a housewife obsessed with sex; Rachel (Laila Robins), Jill's single sister who has none; Marcy (Cynthia Stevenson), an ac- countant whose lover is stalking her; and Georgina (Lora Zane), the evening's hostess who is growing impatient with her live-in lesbian lover (Oli- via d'Abo) and having fantasies about a man.
   "Live Nude Girls" feels like an intimate get-together during which each character's fears and fantasies are revealed, but at times it verges on a group therapy session, complete with sniveling and bickering. Delany is particularly annoying, because her over-the-top acting leaves little room for more interesting turns by Stevenson and d'Abo. Cattrall is truly enjoyable as Jamie, and Robins and Zane hold their own in limited parts.
   The film meanders, never reaching conclusions or solutions. The characters are introduced as children in the first scene but, because their growth into adults is inadequately developed, there is little resulting depth to their adult selves; flashback sequences are unconvincing because none of the characters ever look any younger. The final result is a film that begins with interesting subject matter but never brings it to interesting life on the silver screen.    Starring Dana Delaney, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Stevenson, Laila Robins, Lora Zana and Olivia d'Abo. Directed and written by Julianna Lavin. Produced by Cara Tapper, Steve White and Barry Bernardi. An I.R.S. release. Drama. Rated R for graphic sexual dialogue and scenes of sexuality. Running time: 100 min.
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