Marcello Mastroianni, I Remember

on August 13, 1999 by Shlomo Schwartzberg
   The longtime companion of the late and beloved Italian actor filmed him, in the twilight of his life, talking, joking and analyzing his long career, beginning with his debut on the Italian stage. Fans of Mastroianni will enjoy his droll opinions on the various filmmakers he's worked with, his acting technique or lack thereof, and his views on America, which he finds insufferably puritanical. Tato isn't the most imaginative director and, clearly, she's willingly letting Mastroianni control the flow of conversation, which is not such a bad thing. But however charming the actor is, the documentary fails to satisfy since it's so narrowly focused. Only a few film clips pop up, and others don't get to offer opinions on the man. Made for Italian television, it presumes intensive knowledge on the part of the audience. Those wanting the full Mastroianni story will, thus, be disappointed.    Directed by Anna Maria Tato. Documentary. A First Look release. Italian-language; subtitled. Running time: 98 min.
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