on June 26, 1998 by Cathy Thompson-Georges
   Margaret Diehl's intelligent and subtle novel has been brought to the screen as one of the stupidest movies of this or any other year. Sean Young is horribly miscast as Stella, a sexual free spirit who sleeps with countless young men in the name of experimentation. When she leaves New York and her annoying alcoholic mentor (Dylan Walsh) behind, she embarks on a career as a chef, and on a fling with a young photographer (Richard Hillman) which promises to be her first experience of real love.
   Young, never a likable actress, is all wrong (and a little old) to play a blithe young adventuress. To make things worse, Hillman's character comes across as dopey to the point of moronism--it's hard to imagine who would find him to be a romantic ideal, with his shallowly "profound" maunderings about color and non-color, and his surfer-dude guffawing. Nor does the film give us any clue why Stella would be involved with sloppy drunk Teo. For a film titled "Men," it certainly isn't intent on representing any decent examples of the gender.    Starring Sean Young and Richard Hillman. Directed by Zoe Clarke-Williams. Written by Zoe Clarke-Williams, Karen Black and James Andronica. Produced by Paul Williams. A Unapix release. Drama. Not rated. Running time: 93 min.
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