Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

on October 19, 1939 by BOXOFFICE Staff
Classic Reviews A stirring preachment in patriotism is the predominant note to Frank Capra's production which stars Jean Arthur and James Stewart, whose respectively fine performances are backed by a large and unusually impressive supporting cast. The film reflects sufficient of the mastery of the Capra touch to win it far above average popularity and patronage. Richly endowed as to production values, there is the additional and considerable asset to be found in the timeliness of the subject matter, which is designed through the noteworthy screenplay by Sidney Buchman to enhance the picture's inherent emotional appeal. The story treats with the single-handed and successful battle in the U.S. Senate of a young idealist to free his state of graft and corruption. Frank Capra, of course, directed.

Stud the marquee with the names of James Stewart and Jean Arthur, and award recognition also to Producer Frank Capra. Construct a compo-board cutout resembling the dome of the capitol building in Washington and mount it above the marquee with the picture title imprinted on it. Urge all students of current events in local schools to see it as a visual insight into Congressional procedure. Prepare throwsheets in the form of "ballots," listing the theatre as the "polling booth."

The human, pulsing story of a boy with ideals... whose patriotic fervor refused to be downed by a political machine... Frank Capra's greatest film triumph... and absolutely the "Must" picture on your entertainment list. Columbia 125 mins.

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