Nobody Loves Me

on November 03, 1995 by Lael Loewenstein
   German filmmaker Doris Dorrie ("Men") has created a gem of a film with this offbeat, touching and surprisingly funny story of a woman's search for love. Maria Schrader plays Fanny, 29 and desperate, who's mired in the belief that (as a friend puts it) "a woman over 30 is more likely to be hit by an atom bomb than get married." Though attractive and bright, Fanny is socially inept; her days are spent as an airport security officer, her evenings in a class on conscious dying, and her nights alone listening to a self-esteem tape. Things change when she meets Orfeo (Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss), an odd neighbor in her Cologne apartment building. Black, gay and a self-professed psychic, Orfeo seems in every way to be Fanny's opposite; he prophesies that Fanny will soon meet the man of her dreams. Convinced that man is new building manager Lothar (Michael Von Au), Fanny conspires to make him fall in love with her. Only when she recognizes that this lothario is an arrogant womanizer does Fanny discover truly selfless love--with, of all people, Orfeo.
   Schrader and Sanoussi-Bliss are magical, infusing their performances with the empathy, humor and passion needed to make their extraordinary friendship utterly persuasive. Dorrie deserves credit for elicting such winning performances and for penning a witty and compassionate script that also sheds light on racism and homophobia in her native Germany. Much more than a love story, "Nobody Loves Me" is a moving and life-affirming film about a woman's journey toward self-acceptance. Starring Maria Schrader and Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss. Directed and written by Doris Dorrie. Produced by Gerd Huber and Renate Seefeldt. A CFP release. Drama. German-language; subtitled. Unrated. Running time: 104 min
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