Raging Angels

on November 10, 1995 by Christine James
   Boy, that Alan Smithee must be the world's worst director. Of course, that's because Alan Smithee is the pseudonym used when a director refuses to put his name on a movie once he sees the final product. That was definitely a wise choice here, for "Raging Angels" would be a huge blight on any filmmaker's resume. The actors also might want to omit this credit/debit, though they're hardly at fault. Sean Patrick Flanery ("Powder") and newcomer Monet Mazur portray teen musicians unknowingly drawn into a supernatural scheme. Trying to add sparks are Diane Ladd as an eccentric faith healer and Oscar winner Shelley Winters as a doddering, God-fearing grandma cursed with visions.
   But the cast is left stranded by an astoundingly amateurish script. Its premise involves a conspiracy for global domination, with Michael Pare miscast as a figurehead who's a puppet for a malevolent demon. The creature features for perhaps two minutes of screen time; although its aesthetics are acceptable, terrible direction and scripting and a complete lack of dramatic buildup render it about as scary as a person in a sheet saying "boo."    Starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Monet Mazur, Diane Ladd, Michael Pare and Shelley Winters. Directed by Alan Smithee. Written by Kevin Rock, David Markov and Chris Bittler. Produced by Chako Van Leeuwen. A Borde release. SF/thriller. Rated R for language and some violence. Running time: 96 min.
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