Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

on February 04, 1938 by BOXOFFICE Staff
Classic Reviews Marking another tremendous step in moviedom's embrace of the vast mass of material yet available for superlative screen entertainment, this first feature-length animated cartoon is characterized by universal appeal directly attributable to the genius of one man -- Walt Disney. He has made the beloved childhood myth a living, inconceivably beautiful film of limitless worth. Certainly the Disney achievement is the most important picture, from a production perspective, that has emerged since the advent of sound, and every man, woman and child who regularly patronize pictures will desire to see it and will come away fully satisfied. Musical backgrounds, special effects and a breathtakingly splendid use of Technicolor all contribute to an unqualifiedly successful innovation.

Strongest selling point is the fact that this is the first full-length animated cartoon ever made. Obtain from the exchange the enormous lobby layout in which Snow White and the Dwarfs are illustrated. Prepare a layout showing the various steps taken in constructing an animated cartoon. Obtain tearsheets from TIME and LIFE magazines which have been devoting considerable space to the picture. Hold a "Snow White" party at a matinee at which children dress as "Snow White" and as each of the seven dwarf characters.

Walt Disney's greatest achievement, the sensation of the motion picture industry... Unbelievably beautiful... Unutterably charming... The beloved fairy tale comes to vivid life. RKO Radio 80 mins.

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