Soft Toilet Seats

on March 10, 2000 by Mike Kerrigan
   At last--a sexy comedy thriller for grown-ups. After some successful festival airings, Tina Valinsky's stylish debut movie is getting a release and should do well with careful handling.
   Arne Steinberg (David Alex Rosen) buys himself a house in the suburbs and is horrified to learn that the previous tenant (Sammi Davis) was either murdered or committed suicide. With the help of her former roommate (Alexa Jago), he sets about unraveling the mystery.
   It is a good-looking movie with an attractive (and frequently naked) cast. The sensual scenes are frankly pretty steamy with a little something to suit most tastes on the sexual spectrum. But it is never tawdry or cheap--just good old healthy lust. Davis ("Hope and Glory," "Four Rooms") is dead when the movie starts, but that doesn't stop her from getting down, dirty and deceased in a series of remarkably erotic flashbacks.    Staring Sammi Davis, David Alex Rosen, Alexa Jago and Jonathan Aubé. Directed and written by Tina Valinsky. Produced by Shirley Craig. A Phaedra release. Comedy/Drama. Rated R for nudity, sexual situations, violent images and drug content. Running time: 105 min.
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