Sons of the Desert

on December 29, 1933 by BOXOFFICE Staff
Classic Reviews Laurel and Hardy provide a miniature sandstorm of mirth in this comedy of lodge "brothers" who duck their wives to have a carousing time at the annual convention. Title is the name of the order to which Stan and Oliver belong, and there is no desert atmosphere as the name might imply. Needless to say, the two culprits are discovered by their irate mates and it all ends up in a grand, slap-bang climax. Mae Busch and Dorothy Christy are teamed with the two comedians and make a grand foursome of continuous merriment and hilarity. This one is in the bag. It can't miss. Directed by William A. Seiter.

This picture offers all kinds of tie-ups, such as local lodge nights run on a benefit basis, street ballyhoo consisting of sponsored initiation ceremonies, or a float with piles of sand, small palms and a pair made up to look like the stars. Dress your theatre front in fraternal order flags and insignia. Consult your press book for special novelties which are available.

You'll laugh until the sands of the desert grow cold... It's not always fair weather when good fellows get together... They knew all the high signs but their wives did, too... They made merry while their wives made the best of it. MGM 68 mins.

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