on May 16, 1997 by Dwayne E. Leslie
   Packed with humor, wild sex and romance nicely wrapped with a message, this "romantical" comedy shatters urban stereotypes by taking them to the extreme. Along with that magnetic pull comes some excess baggage. By using nonoffensive comparisons, reality and humor are used to colorize circumstances and the resulting consequences for two very different classes of people.
   Feeling that their friends are making the biggest mistake of their lives, Adina ("Tales From the Hood's" Paula Jai Parker) and Clyde (Joe Torry, who also starred in that Rusty Cundieff movie) join forces to break apart their best friends Brandy (Tisha Campbell, of Fox TV's "Martin") and Montel (writer/director Cundieff). Because Adina is a golddigger and Clyde is a womanizer, they feel that dogs run in packs. On the other hand, Brandy is a law clerk and Montel is a photographer. They're in love and about to get a place of their own. Adina and Clyde therefore plot treacherous, diabolical and downright "ignant" tricks to sever the duo's romantic tie.
   Cundieff and Campbell look good together, and their relationship is so perfect that the story unfolds like an urban fairytale. Singles are likely to find they can't help but watch the romance blossom, and might even wish their own dates could be as rewarding. "Sprung" also sports an all-star comic supporting cast. In particular, a police station scene generates thunderous laughter. With each of his ventures topping his last, Cundieff is seeing his production budgets rise; his works will soon merit comparison with A-list directors. Meanwhile, moviegoers springing for "Sprung" will find that its mental and visual twists will make it a worthwhile investment.    Starring Rusty Cundieff, Tisha Campbell, Joe Torry and Paula Jai Parker. Directed by Rusty Cundieff. Written by Darin Scott and Rusty Cundieff. Produced by Darin Scott. A Trimark release. Romantic comedy. Rated R for some strong sexuality and language. Running time: 90 min
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