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Classic Reviews Spectacular for the production scope with which Walter Wanger has endowed it, the majestic scenic backgrounds furnished by Monument Valley, Ariz., the thrilling chases and action footage, and superior photography, here is a super-western which will find its best market among action addicts. The picture's natural lustre and sweep is dimmed by a faltering, loosely-knit story and the interpretation of too many extraneous situations not germane to the general motivation and theme. The cast is large and competent, with acting honors rather impartially distributed because no part is built to be dominant. Merchandised with stress on the action entertainment elements, the feature will, quite probably, ride through most of its showings with profitable cash drawer records. John Ford directed.

For the lobby center-piece, construct a compo-board silhouette of an old western stagecoach with moving wheels, and portrait heads of the cast peering out of the windows. Obtain, from local residents, relics of pioneer Americana for display in the lobby. Tie in with a school's craft class to promote a model stagecoach building contest. Try to obtain an old horse-drawn vehicle, resembling a stagecoach as nearly as possible, to be driven about the streets. Give the marquee credits to Claire Trevor and John Wayne.

Life and Death, Adventure and Romance, on the Old Lordsburg Trail... Blazing a Path Through the Pioneer West... Come Along for the Most Thrilling Ride of Your Life... Aboard a Stagecoach Pounding Its Way Through America's Historic Badlands. United Artists 92 mins.

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