Tequila Body Shots

on May 07, 1999 by Tim Cogshell
   Director Tony Shyu has all the ingredients for an intoxicating first feature: One part inventive premise, two parts attractive young leads (Joey Lawrence of TV's "Blossom" and newcomer Dru Mouser), and the visual skills of an experienced commercial director (Shyu himself) as a chaser. But "Tequila's" script is the cinematic equivalent to rotgut.
   Lawrence is actually quite good as Johnny, a hip college student smitten by the pretty Tamlyn (Mouser). When Johnny and his dimwitted friends are invited to a mysterious Halloween party in Mexico, he drinks a magical Tequila mix and finds himself with the power to read women's minds. Inexplicably, he can also receive visions from the after-life, and learns that Tamlyn is being stalked by the spirit of her dead husband from a previous life.
   As the story spirals along this path it becomes a mishmash of bad dialogue, sloppy story-telling and cheap special effects.    Starring Joey Lawrence and Dru Mouser. Directed and written by Tony Shyu. Produced by Tony Shyu and Jong Shyu. A Heartland release. Comedy. Rated R for language, some nudity and substance abuse. Running time: 94 min.
Tags: Starring Joey Lawrence, Dru Mouser, Directed, written by Tony Shyu, Produced by Tony Shyu, Jong Shyu, Heartland, Comedy

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