That Darn Cat!

on December 02, 1965 by BOXOFFICE Staff
   Walt Disney's use of animals in his pictures is almost a trademark and adds to the interest of most audiences. In this, a cleverly directed Siamese cat stars in a role that rivals that of Hayley Mills, who plays detective with her usual aplomb as an ingenue. Her hungry young boyfriend, Tom Lowell, called "Canoe" because of his mania for surfboarding, provides comic incidents, and sister Dorothy Provine tries to keep her young sister from what she considers foolish efforts to apprehend bankrobber/kidnappers. Comic aspects are stressed rather than the horrors of some crime pictures, with one of the criminals showing the better side of his nature--a liking for cats. That this is his downfall only adds to the plausibility of the story. This should draw even better than some of Disney's recent pictures, which were a little too far-out for some of his admirers. Robert Stevenson's direction has several new professional twists of spot-timing. In addition to co-producing with Ron Miller, Bill Walsh helped write the screenplay with Mildred and Gordon Gordon. (It was their "Undercover Cat" bestseller from which the picture was made.)

Ask cat owners to send in stories of their pets waking them during a fire in the home or other spectacular events in which they have figured; give passes as prizes for the best incidents. Alert jewelry stores for clever window displays. Put a wristwatch around the neck of a Siamese cat and lead it down the sidewalks with a sign "Follow Me to See How I Helped Capture Criminals in "That Darn Cat" at the [_____] Theatre.

That Darn Cat Tracks Down Criminals...The Cat Needed All His Nine Lives To Escape From An Irate Duck-Hunter Whose Duck Was Confiscated. FLASHBACK: SEPT. 27, 1965
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