The Darien Gap

on January 01, 1996 by Susan Green
  &#160With a cinema verite feel, "The Darien Gap" profiles a restless young man (Lyn Vaus, as himself) who dreams of shooting video footage of the legendary giant sloth in Patagonia. On a deeper level, this Boston-bred independent film by London Film School grad Brad Anderson is a cautionary Generation-X tale: Children of divorce could be unable to connect with each other or develop a solid sense of their own futures.
  &#160Lyn tries to bond romantically with Polly (Sandi Carroll), an aspiring fashion designer, but the giant sloth calls. Lyn keeps a stash of unopened letters from the father who disappeared from his life two decades earlier. Family home movies show the happy face that once masked dysfunction. Although a bumpy ride, the film manages to be touching and occasionally quite funny, with a soundtrack of fabulous, albeit abbreviated, songs by some of Beantown's best underground bands. Starring Lyn Vaus and Sandi Carroll. Directed and written by Brad Anderson. Produced by Brad Anderson and Jim Taylor. A Northern Arts release. Drama. Unrated. Running time: 90 min. Screened at the Montreal fest.
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