The Invisible Man (1933)

on November 13, 1933 by BOXOFFICE Staff
One of the best of the horror stories to reach the screen, this picture rates high because of originality of theme, excellent acting, expert camerawork and direction, plus an atmosphere of brooding mystery which helps engender the proper mood for the fantastic tale of a man who created a miracle only to have it destroy him. Claude Rains is excellent in the title role, that of a young scientist who discovers a drug which, if injected under the skin, causes one to become invisible. The discovery unbalances his mind and he retires to a country inn to continue his experiments undisturbed. Enraged by interferences, he becomes an instrument of destruction, waging a one-man reign of terror.

   Directed by James Whale. Starring Claude Rains, Gloria Stuart, Dudley Digges and William Harrigan.

   The theme of this picture allows unlimited scope to the showman with imagination. Forget the cast and play up the title. Endeavor to create an atmosphere of deep mystery by the clever use of cutouts and dim lights. The picture is based on a well-known novel by H.G. Wells, which permits book tie-ins. This film is a natural for a bang-up teaser campaign.

   The fantastic story of an unseen menace...Wielding destruction...Impossible to Detect! See this blood-curdling story of a man who sold his soul for a power that destroyed him! A thrilling, nerve-tingling drama of an invisible menace who waged destruction undetected! Beware of the Invisible Man! He may be behind you ready to strike and destroy!

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