The Maltese Falcon

on August 18, 1941 by BOXOFFICE Staff
This is no ordinary tale of crime and detection. In point of story (it was a novel by Dashiell -- "The Thin Man" -- Hammett) it is head and shoulders above the average run of such features. Add to that a perfectly chosen cast, a script that is packed with blistering dialogue and suspenseful motivation, and direction that never falters for a moment, and the exhibitor has a bundle of celluloid that is going to do business big business for him regardless of the situation in which it is played. Veteran Humphrey Bogart was never given a part more suitable to his talents than in this role as Samuel Spade, a private investigator with ice, instead of blood, in his veins. Capable and attractive Mary Astor is in the femme lead, while such worthies as Gladys George, Peter Lorre and Jerome Cowan are seen in lesser, but significant, roles. After his partner, Cowan, is murdered, Spade goes on an exciting hunt for the killer uncovering, along the way, the story of the "Maltese Falcon," a statuette encrusted with gold and gems of almost incredible value. He finds the bird and discovers he is up against a ruthless ring of crooks. John Huston directed. (1941-42 release).


This is based on, and carries the same title as, a popular Dashiell Hammett mystery novel. Consequently, and since Hammett also was the creator of "The Thin Man," bookstore and library tieups are indicated. Try to obtain from a taxidermist a stuffed falcon and make it the center of a lobby display.

The Maltese Falcon Spells Death for Those Who Own It... And Danger for Those Who Want It. Come With Us on an Exciting Treasure Hunt... With Danger Lurking in Every Corner... And Death to the Losers. It's the Season's Thrill Special... This Story of Three Men and a Girl... Walking Hand in Hand With Murder. Warner Bros. 92 mins.

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