The Saint Strikes Back

on March 10, 1939 by BOXOFFICE Staff
   Second in the series of mystery/detective thrillers, this maintains the standard of excellence set by the initialer and emerges as a well-knit chapter in the adventures of Leslie Charteris' popular modern Robin Hood, Simon Templar--otherwise known as The Saint. Its business-like construction should please average audiences and delight the adventure fans. Despite a major change in casting, which finds George Sanders taking over the characterization first essayed by Louis Hayward, the feature suffers not a whit, as Sanders' build, personality and mannerisms fill to perfection the popular conception of the devil-may-care desperado. This time, The Saint appears in San Francisco to aid Wendy Barrie in clearing her name and wiping out a band of thieves who had framed her father, the police commissioner. John Farrow directs; Jonathan Hale, Jerome Cowan, Neil Hamilton, Barry Fitzgerald and Gilbert Emery co-star.

Charteris' "Saint" novels are widely read by detective-story addicts. Tie in with bookstores and rental libraries on displays of them studded with stills from the picture. Give the marquee credits to Sanders and Barrie.text/javascript" src=""> Prepare a lobby display in which The Saint is the centerpiece surrounded by other fictional rascals--Bulldog Drummond, Raffles and the like. Prepare throwsheets as mimeographed "warnings" from The Saint to appear at your theatre on the date the picture opens.

Fiction's Famous Phantom...Who Laughed At The Law...But Did No Man An Injustice...Returns In The Thrill Special Of The Year.The Saint...The Modern Robin Hood...Who Preys On Those Who Have More Than Their Just Share...And Gives To Others Who Have Less. FLASHBACK: MARCH 10, 1939
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