The Time Machine (1960)

on August 17, 1960 by BOXOFFICE Staff
   It is the year 1900. A British inventor (Rod Taylor) has perfected a time machine that will take its occupant as far into the past or future as he chooses. He decides to go into the future and resultantly witnesses three world wars, the last of which is of the atomic variety and lays the entire world in waste. He pushes on until he reaches the year 802,701, and there he encounters a new civilization made up of docile, brainwashed young people who live above ground and man-eating monsters who live below.

   Producer-director George Pal, the granddaddy of science-fiction films, herein convincingly demonstrates that he has lost nothing of the mastery that made memorably popular and financially successful hits of his earlier entries (“War of the Worlds,” etc.) in the sci-fi field. His celluloid adaptation of H.G. Wells' frightening and sometimes prophetic tome of nearly a century ago gifts the screen with a fascinating, exciting photoplay that is incomparably superior to the scores of pictures of the same general theme that have been avalanched upon the public during the past decade.

   That the feature will play to enthusiastic, capacity audiences appears a certainty. It possesses sufficient spine-tingling ingredients to more than satisfy the seekers of goose-pimples--and, as past performances have proven, they are legion--and in addition has top production values, including effectively employed Metrocolor.

   While the cast lists no red-hot names, performances--most especially those contributed by Rod Taylor and a pulchritudinous and shapely newcomer, Yvette Mimieux--are praiseworthy.

   In short, the parcel of cinema proves that Pal and the late Wells have no peers.

   Decorate lobby with outer-space toys--missiles, sputniks, rockets, etc. War souvenirs from World War I and II might also be used. Invite any science-fiction groups to a special showing. Tout producer-director Pal as an Oscar winner in filming another Wells novel, “War of the Worlds.”

   A Fourth-Dimensional Adventure Into Time!…See the Remarkable Story that Takes You From the Year 1895 to 802,701…See the Evil, Half-Man, Half-Apes Living Underground in H.G. Wells' Classic Science-Adventure Yarn.

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