The War Of The Worlds (1953)

on August 26, 1953 by BOXOFFICE Staff
   Inasmuch as for some time the screen has been free of so-called space operas-of which so many were popular and profitable a few months back-there is every reason to predict that this will be one of the most widely discussed and generously patronized among upcoming features. Nor is its chance to attain that goal handicapped because it is possibly the most impressive all-time entry in its field. Basing his Technicolorful thriller on a story by the granddaddy of all science-fiction writers, H.G. Wells, producer George Pal went all out for spectacle, scope, fantasy, action, suspense and chills. His special effects, trick photography and results thereof defy description. They'll scare the jeans off of youngsters, and frequently adults. Although the technical details are the stars-and best exploitation bet-thespian contributions (by Gene Barry, Ann Robinson, Les Tremayne, Bob Cornthwaite) are praiseworthy, as is the bold direction of Byron Haskin.

Catchlines: They Came From Outer Space...To Wage Flaming, Furious War...It's the Most Exciting Story Ever Told on Film...Hitting a New Peak in Sizzling, Shocking, Unforgettable Suspense. FLASHBACK: FEBRUARY 28, 1953
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Paramount, 85 min.

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