Three Wishes

on October 27, 1995 by Jon Silberg
   In this Rysher production--part sloppy dog jumping on you for affection, part visual essay on the origins of suburban row housing--a 1950s' single mom (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) with two sons ("The Cure's" Joseph Mazzello and Seth Mumy) takes in an odd drifter (Patrick Swayze) and his dog; not surprisingly, he becomes surrogate husband and father. Hints are dropped there's more to his oddness than his unkempt appearance and penchant for nude sunbathing, but it's all left murky till the final reel.
   The cast brings as much as can be expected, but the film-makers would have done better to craft a clear story in place of a disjointed series of sentimental episodes tied together by some platitudes at film's end.    Starring Patrick Swayze, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Joseph Mazzello. Directed by Martha Coolidge. Written by Elizabeth Anderson. Produced by Gary Lucchesi, Clifford Green and Ellen Green. A Savoy release. Drama. Rated PG for mild language and sensuality, and for a scary fantasy. Running time: 114 min.
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