True Friends

on January 30, 1998 by Lisa Osborne
   This movie is a very personal account of the lives of Joey (James Quattrochi), Louie (Loreto Mauro) and J.J. (Rodrigo Botero), three friends who are as inseparable as adults as they were as children growing up in the Bronx."True Friends" is a touching story, inspired by the death last year of Botero's best friend, Edward Duffy (Quattrochi's character Joey in the film) of a brain tumor at age 28. Although some early scenes are a little too cute and seem contrived while others, particularly those depicting J.J.'s heroin addiction, are harrowing, it's a compelling movie. Written by Quattrochi and Botero in just three weeks, the film has a raw edge and engages the audience, enabling viewers to experience many of the emotional highs and lows alongside the three friends.    Starring James Quattrochi, Loreto Mauro, Rodrigo Botero, Dan Lauria and Mackenzie Phillips. Directed by James Quattrochi. Written by James Quattrochi and Rodrigo Botero. Produced by Danny Zavala, Darren Paskal and Joseph Paskal. A 2nd Generation Films release. Drama. Rated R for language, drug use, some sexuality and violence.
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