When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (1971)

on February 10, 1971 by BOXOFFICE Staff
   Each new Hammer Film-this one arriving from Warner Bros.-brings with it a promise of another potential Raquel Welch. Because "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth" is quite close to "One Million Years B.C.," star Victoria Vetri has a chance to achieve Miss Welch's success. Obviously, the dazzling Miss Vetri, a blonde, comes close to the Welch measurements in a particularly revealing costume. In fact, nearly everyone in the cast wears extremely brief costumes for a G picture. The kids will be well entertained by the monsters and monosyllabic dialogue (which derives from the 1940 Hal Roach "One Million B.C.," remade at Hammer as the 1966 Welch starrer). Parents might fret about exposing their children to so much skin, even though there isn't any actual nudity. Adults, especially science-fiction buffs and action fans, will be greatly amused, making this one of the first big moneymakers of the new year. Jim Danforth's visual effects, very important to a film of this type, are fine, and the music by Mario Nascimbene (who provided the percussive score for "One Million Years B.C.") is equally good. Robin Hawdon is a muscular hero, enduring as many challenges in 96 minutes as the hero of any 15-chapter serial. Val Guest directs and scripts, with J.B. Ballard credited for the treatment; both do their jobs in the best tongue-in-cheek fashion. Aida Young produces. Imogen Hassall, Patrick Allen, Patrick Holt and Magda Konopka co-star. In Technicolor. Shot in the Canary Islands.

Arrange promotionals with museums of ancient history. Use displays of prehistoric monsters. Have a contest to find the perfect prehistoric couple.

Enter an Age of Unknown Terrors, Pagan Worship and Virgin Sacrifice...From the Creators of "One Million Years B.C." Comes Their Most Gigantic Spectacle. FLASHBACK: FEBRUARY 1, 1971
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