White Night

on May 01, 1996 by Ed Scheid
   Danny Boyle's "Trainspotting" wasn't the only film at Cannes to deal with drug addiction, although it might have been the most imaginative. Shot in black and white and filmed in an actual prison for drug offenders (where some of the actors are serving life sentences), "White Night" is the first film directed by Israeli actor Arnon Zadok, who also appears here as a vicious cell boss. Shlomo (Sharon Alexander), arrested for attempted murder, bonds with Charlie (Shalom Shmuelov), his addict cellmate. "White Night" revolves around Shlomo's attempts to help Charlie kick his drug habit. The prison inmates are not individualized enough to make much of an impression; the two main characters seem like symbols for the director's anti-drug message. Also, for all of the authenticity of the setting, most of the prison scenes are filmed without any significant impact, and the prison violence, drug addiction and reunions with relatives seem familiar from many other films.    Starring Shalom Shmuelov, Sharon Alexander and Arnon Zadok. Directed and produced by Arnon Zadok. Written by Yoav Halevi. No distributor set. Drama. Hebrew-language; subtitled. Running time: 92 min. Screened in the Directors' Fortnight category at Cannes.
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