Who the Hell is Juliette?

on March 27, 1998 by Melissa Morrison
   "Who the Hell is Juliette?" is one of those exercises exploring cinema's subjectivity, the kind that usually irritate more than fascinate their audience. "Juliet," however, manages more of the latter, chronicling the lives of Yuliet, a lovely Havana teen hardened by Cuban life, and Fabiola, a Mexican model/actress whose life has many parallels with Yuliet's. It's hard to tell where documentary ends and fiction begins.
   It's Marcovich's playful games with what's "real," as well as his two luminous subjects, that makes the movie a cut above the film-school experiment it might otherwise seem. The cult of celebrity--its influence onscreen and off--is also woven deftly into the film, particularly with a vignette involving Salma Hayek, who appears both as herself and in a clip from a Mexican film that Yuliet has seen and identifies with.    Starring Yuliet Ortega and Fabiola Quiroz. Directed, written and produced by Carlos Marcovich. English- and Spanish-language; subtitled. Drama. Not rated. Running time: 91 min.
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