FIRST NUMBERS: 'The Croods' Clobbers the Competition

on March 24, 2013

croods.jpgDreamWorks' The Croods had a hushed roll-out last week in Russia, placing second on the charts after the second weekend of Oz: the Great and Powerful. With numbers for the weekend coming in, the caveman comedy looks to have flipped the ranking to claim the #1 spot at the box office with $12--possibly as much as $13--million, which if true would make The Croods the biggest non-franchise animated opening in Russian history. Three-quarters of the cash is also reported to have come from 3D sales, good news for theater owners who invested in the technology, bad news for those who didn't. Here's The Croods' next big test: Can it cling on to the top spot long enough to fend off next weekend's attack from GI Joe: Retaliation

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