Today's Top Story: Russia's Cinema Fund Institutes Pitching Sessions

on August 07, 2013

In yet another transformation of the utilization of public funding for film in Russia, the Cinema Find will soon introduce pitching sessions — which won’t be open to the public. 

The Russian Cinema Fund, which distributes the majority of the country’s annual $172 million in public money allocated for filmmakers, is showing greater transparency, ostensibly at the urging of the Kremlin. The Russian Cinema Fund falls under the umbrella of the Ministry of Culture, responsible for arthouse, historic, and socially important projects, which recently led a similar initiative for transparency, but their pitching sessions are open. 

Recently, Russia’s Culture Ministry refused to provide the film Dear Hans, Dear Pyotr, a controversial World War II movie, any monetary backing — despite being publicly funded by Germany. Representatives from Germany were confused and frustrated by Russia’s refusal. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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