RUSSIA: 'Thor: The Dark World' Set to Double Gross of the Original on November 20, 2013


Thor: The Dark World became the fifth-highest grossing film of the year in Russia after a $5 million weekend pushed the superhero sequel’s cume past the $30 million mark. The Thor sequel has now grossed nearly twice as much as its predecessor’s $16.4 million take.

Carrie opened in 820 screens to take second place, posting a $4.8 million bow and $5,881 per-screen average. The horror film put in a stronger performance than fellow opener Last Vegas, which settled for third place with a $3.3 million debut.

Russian hits Gorko! and Stalingrad continued to enjoy success in their respective runs. Stalingrad reached a $51.6 million total in its home country while Gorko! added $1.5 million over the weekend to reach a $23.1 million domestic cume.

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'Thor: The Dark World,' 'Stalingrad' Reach Major Milestones on November 18, 2013

Russia is the second-biggest overseas market for Thor: The Dark World. The superhero sequel has already broken the $30 million mark in the market, reaching a $31.6 million cume.

Stalingrad is winding down its domestic run, finishing the weekend with a $51.5 million cume in its home country. The WWII historical epic has also been a hit in China, where it entered the weekend with a $10.9 million total. Stalingrad's worldwide total is $65.7 million without factoring in the weekend results from China.

The Counselor reached a $5.3 million cume in its third frame. Gravity reached $20.9 million over its seventh weekend in the market.

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RUSSIA: 'Thor: The Dark World' Breaks $20M on November 14, 2013

thor2reportcard.pngThor: The Dark World jumped to a $21.4 million cume to take command of the Russian box office. The superhero film hammered the competition and dominated the market in a weekend where two domestic new releases failed to find traction with audiences. The Georgrapher Drank His Globe Away had a $1.3 million opening in fifth place, while Rasputin settled for a spot on the bottom half of the table with an $868K take.

Domestic hits Gorko! and Stalingrad kept improving over the weekend. Gorko! took second place with a $3.2 million performance that sees its domestic cume improve to $20.6 million. Stalingrad continues setting the bar higher for future Russian releases, increasing its record-breaking total to $50.6 million over the weekend.

Free Birds finished the weekend in third place with a $1.5 million gross that bumps its cume to $5.1 million. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 continued to show that it can run the distance and broke the $10 million mark in its third frame.

The Counselor reached $4.6 million over its second weekend in release. The star-studded thriller will be able to salvage as much as $6 million from Russia in its quest to mollify the damage from its disastrous North American run. Ender’s Game suffered a steep drop in its second frame, falling down to ninth place and reaching a $2.2 million cume. It has been a good year for science-fiction in Russia, but it unfortunately looks like Ender’s Game will qualify as a hard flop in the market.

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'Gravity' is the Biggest Sci-Fi Release of 2013 on November 11, 2013

Thor: The Dark World continued to earn big in Russia in its second weekend in release. The superhero sequel reached a $24.1 million cume over the weekend. Gravity reached a $20.7 million cume in Russia over its sixth weekend in release. The sci-fi flick is the best performing genre release of the year thanks to this weekend's performance. The previous top-performing sci-fi film in Russia had been Pacific Rim with $20.6 million. The Counselor dipped below a $1 million box office take but still retained the #5 spot on the chart. The star-studded drama has racked up a total of $4.3 million during its Russian run. 

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RUSSIA: 'Thor: The Dark World' Leads with $7.8M Debut; 'Stalingrad' Crosses $50M Global on November 06, 2013

tdw.pngThor: The Dark World took the Russian box office with a $7.8 million premiere. The superhero sequel averaged a market-leading $10,222 from 763 screens. The original film had a $6.1 million bow in April of 2011 and went on to gross $16.4 million from the market.

Gorko! slid down to second place after dethroning Stalingrad for last weekend’s top spot. Gorko! finished its second frame with a successful $5.4 million take, bringing its domestic total to $14.9 million. Stalingrad continued to earn in its home country as well; the WWII epic took in $2.7 million to boost its total to a $47.8 million cume. Stalingrad is the most successful Russian film of all time. Stalingrad opened in China this weekend, conquering the box office with a $6.2 million bow. Stalingrad is playing in three markets worldwide and has grossed $59.1 million globally.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 is on the verge of matching the $8.2 million lifetime run of the original. The animated sequel has grossed $7.4 million after two weeks in release.

A trio of U.S. releases opened in the mid-table spots. The Counselor fared best in a competitive weekend, taking a $2.3 million bow that would normally place it higher on the list. Free Birds 3D opened slightly behind with a $2.2 million premiere. Enders Game struggled out of the gate in Russia with a $1.1 million debut.

Gravity slid down to the bottom of the chart after a month in release. The sci-fi film is on the verge of hitting the $20 million mark in Russia, a figure that it should reach in the course of its run. Gravity has currently grossed a total of $19.4 million in Russia.

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