RUSSIA: 'After Earth' Opens Big with $8.5M on June 10, 2013

After Earth scored a big opening weekend in Russia, posting a big lead above every other film in the market for the top spot. An $8.5 million gross represented After Earth's biggest performance from a single territory overseas. It was nearly three times as much as the second place film grossed; a $3.6 million sophomore effort from The Hangover Part III that helped the comedy reach a $15.1 million cume in Russia. Epic also posted solid numbers in its second weekend, grossing $2.1 million and reaching an $11.7 million total. The Great Gatsby is now the most successful Baz Luhrman film of all time in Russia, relying on Leonardio Di Caprio's star power to take its total to $15.9 million. None of these films have been able to get near the runaway success of Fast & Furious 6, as the latest entry in the car caper franchise boasts a strong $32.8 million cume in the market.

RUSSIA: 'The Hangover 3' Overtakes 'Fast 6' for First on June 05, 2013

HangOver3-3.jpgThe Hangover Part III led the pack in Russia last weekend, posting $8.6 million debut with no other major new releases to compete against. It is the biggest opening of all time for an R rated comedy in Russia. The opening for the last installment of the Hangover trilogy grossed 529% above its original and 104% ahead of the sequel.

Fast & Furious 6 continued making a mark at the box office, grossing $5.2 million over the weekend despite a 70% drop. The action film has now grossed $28.3 million in Russia after only two weeks. Epic had a big boost in its second week and posted a $4.8 million bump to take its total to $8 million. The Great Gatsby added $1.5 million in its third week to see its cume reach $14.2 million. Gatsby has enjoyed more success than Star Trek Into Darkness; the sci-fi sequel has grossed $10.2 million in the same timeframe and has slowed down significantly with a 76% fall and a $382k weekend.

Box Office Results for Russia. May 31- June 2, 2013.


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'Hangover 3' Places First in Russia. on June 03, 2013

HangOver3-1.jpgThe Hangover Part III was the top film in Russia, grossing $9.3 million on its opening weekend. The film saw a 529% improvement over the original's premiere and a 104% boost above the previous installment. Epic had a very positive debut in russia with a $7.9 million opening weekend. Fast & Furious 6 was among the strongest hold-overs, adding $5.4 million en route to a $28.5 million cume. The Great Gatsby held above the $1 million mark, posting a $1.1 million weekend to take its cume to $13.8 million. 

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RUSSIA: 'Fast 6' Opens Strong with $17.7M, 'Star Trek' Slides into Darkness on May 29, 2013

fast-furious-6_05.jpgFast & Furious 6 sped through the Russian box office last weekend, grossing a massive $17.7 million in its opening weekend. The film premiered in 900 screens, less than The Great Gatsby or Star Trek Into Darkness, and easily finished the weekend leading the per-screen average race with $19,746. The Great Gatsby placed second with the smallest drop from all of the weekend's hold-overs, falling 41% for a $3.3 million weekend and $11.3 million Russian cume. Russia is Gatsby's second-most important market, behind the United Kingdom. Epic premiered in third place with $1.9 million. Star Trek Into Darkness suffered a steep 73% drop in its second week, grossing $1.6 million over the weekend. It's an alarming slide for the sci-fi sequel, which has grossed a $9.2 million cume in Russia and looks to have run out of steam as public interest has waned early on. Iron Man 3 had its first weekend under the $1 million mark, dropping 72% and reaching a $43.6 million cume. The $50 million mark looks to be out of reach for Iron Man 3 in Russia.

Box Office Results for Russia. May 24-26, 2013


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RUSSIA: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Narrowly Beats 'The Great Gatsby' in Heated Box Office Battle on May 22, 2013

startrekgrosses.jpgStar Trek Into Darkness came out on top after going head-to-head with The Great Gatsby in Russia. A close battle for the top spot saw both films in a heated competition where Star Trek's higher screen count proved to be the difference. The sci-fi sequel grossed $6.1 million but fell behind Gatsby's market-leading $4,438 per-screen average. The screen count suggests Gatsby could have potentially won the top spot in Russia if it had played in more locations. The new releases saw Iron Man 3 slide to third place after a 76% drop, reaching a $42 million total in Russia. Domestic hockey biopic Legend No. 17 had its first weekend under $1 million in its fifth week in release. The Russian film will have few complaints after scoring an impressive $28.5 million cume in its home country. 

Box Office Results for Russia. May 17-19, 2013.


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